Webster’s dictionary defines the word “desperation” as a loss of hope. When we think of someone who is desperate, our thoughts usually paint a picture of someone who does everything he or she can to either escape an unpleasant situation, or to hold on to something or someone at all costs. Desperation is often one of the more frightening experiences in life.

However, if you are a born again believer in Jesus Christ, hopelessness is gone. You have the assurance of sins forgiven and eternal life. You have everything to hope in because of the cross and blood of Jesus, and thus you need not be desperate over the circumstances of life.  The One who saved you is the One watches over you and keeps you strong in the ups and downs of life.

However, I believe that every Christian needs to live in “holy desperation”.  By holy desperation, I don’t mean we should live in a state of empty spirituality. Holy desperation must not be viewed in the same context as the desperation defined in Webster’s.

Holy desperation means that you are passionate for God’s presence in your life. It is to come to the realization that without God, you are nothing and can do nothing. Holy desperation is having a hunger for God, not so much for what He can do for you, but because of who He is.

And who is He?  He is the all powerful, holy, righteous, merciful, sovereign lover of your soul. He created you, loves you, saved you, and keeps you. Without Him, you would be an empty shell heading like an out of control locomotive straight to hell. He is truly your all in all.

Unfortunately, too many Christians have no real desire for God’s presence in their everyday lives. They live in self reliance, self sufficiency, and self righteousness.  And the result? The shallowness of many believers. These folks are deceived by the false claims of worldly things and grasp tightly to these counterfeits. When anyone clutches tightly with both hands to materialism, pleasure, recreation, and to the almighty “self”, it is impossible to cling to God.

You can only cling to one thing at a time. If you try to cling to two or more things at a time, your strength and attention are divided, and you will lose your grip on everything and end up with empty hands. You cannot hold on to God and the world at the same time. The worldly things that we cling to only lead to hollow emptiness.

Well, then, you may be thinking, “what does it take to live on ‘holy desperation'”? It takes an absolute surrender to Jesus Christ. The relinquishing of all rights to yourself to Him. A brokenness that cries out your deepest need of Him in every aspect  of your life. A “falling in love” with Him that leads to an insatiable hunger for Him and His awesome, incredible presence. it takes dying to self so that He may live for you. Holy desperation means all these things, and nothing less.