Monthly Archives: November 2010


What does it mean to follow Jesus? We live in an era where many Christians are, at best, lethargic and lukewarm in their Christian walk. Jesus becomes like our car repair man.  We know He is there but don’t talk to Him until something goes wrong. Then, we call Him and expect Him to fix our problem immediately. After He does, we ignore Him until another problem arises. This, my friends, is not what walking with Jesus is all about.

Walking with Jesus, being a Christian, is nothing less than an all out commitment to Him and a total devotion to Him. Half hearted discipleship is totally foreign in the teachings of Scripture. Jesus assumed that all of those who would believe in Him would be true disciples. That is why He said “If any man comes after Me, he must deny himself, pick up his cross daily, and follow Me (Luke 9:23). No conditions, no restrictions, no escape clauses.

Following Jesus means that I am totally surrendered to Him in every aspect of my life, everyday of my life, for my whole life NO MATTER WHAT. Even if my hopes, plans and dreams are shattered. Even if He calls me to a different lifestyle than I want. Even if my health is broken. Even if everyone forsakes me. A true follower of Jesus says “Lord, I will follow You, No matter what”.

Allow me to use an illustration to explain what “no matter what” means. When you have work done to your house, you get a contract from the one doing the work that spells out the details of what will be done and the cost for this work.  You do not sign it until every little detail has been included. When you finally sign it, you know what to expect. However, when we trust in Jesus as Savior and are born again, He hands us a blank contract and asks us to sign it. “Wait”, you say, “I’m not signing a blank contract. Jesus, you need to fill in all the details of what following You will mean. I want details! Oh, and one more thing.  Under the column marked ‘cost’, You wrote ‘EVERYTHING’.  Why so much”?  Jesus looks at you with  a smile and says, “I’ll fill in  the details as we go along the journey. And the cost you are so concerned about? When you give me control of everything in your life, you will see how little that is in comparison with what you will receive – deep intimacy with Me. Right now, just trust Me with your life. I want you to follow Me, no matter what.  Sign the contract, grab my hand and let’s go!”

Does it sound scary, signing a blank contract with such a seemingly high price? If we’re honest with ourselves, yes it does. But we need to remember that the One who asks us to sign it is the One who loves us with a perfect love and has our best interest in mind. When we sign His blank contract, we never lose.

My friends, what the church needs most of all right now are followers of Jesus who are hungry for Him. Those who are totally surrendered and sold out to Him.  Those who will follow Him NO MATTER WHAT; even if it means a total rearrangement of goals,dreams, career, lifestyle, and even if it means hardship and persecution. A “no matter what Christian” is so in love with Jesus that signing the blank contract is no big deal because they know the depths of the meaning of the cross, and they know that walking in the abiding presence of Jesus and knowing deep intimacy with Him is the greatest journey on the planet.

Are you a NO MATTER WHAT follower of Jesus? Have you signed the blank contract? He has given it to you and now waits for you to sign it and give it back to Him. Go ahead. Sign it. You’ll never regret it. As Jim Elliott said over 50 years ago: “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”.