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When God delivered the Israelites from captivity in Egypt, they were to make their home in the Promised Land – the land filled with “milk and honey”. This was to fulfill God’s promise to Abram (later to be known as Abraham) that this piece of land would belong to his descendants. When the Israelites arrived at the border of the Promised Land, God told Moses to send out twelve spies to scope it out. Upon their return, the twelve reported how bountiful the land was, but also reported that the land was filled with fortified cities and fierce warriors, even warriors from a race of giants. Ten of the spies said that the Israelites shouldn’t enter the Promised Land because of the opposition that they would encounter. However, the two other spies, Joshua and Caleb, disagreed with the ten and stood firm on God’s promise that He would give them the land. The Israelites agreed with the ten spies and were violently opposed to Joshua and Caleb, so much so that they wanted to stone them. However, Joshua and Caleb would not bend to the popular opinion of the people. God was angry with the Israelites because of their disobedience and lack of faith and, as punishment for their rebellion against Him, had them wander in the wilderness for forty years until all the adults who doubted Him died off. Of that generation, only Joshua and Caleb would enter the Promised Land. 

In Numbers 14:24, God said this about Caleb: “But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and has followed me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it”.  The word “different” comes from the root word which means to loiter, or to be behind, which tells us that Caleb was totally devoted to God and followed Him with all his heart. He would not compromise what he knew to be true no matter what others said and no matter how unpopular it was. Caleb was sold out to God.

How we need Christians today who have a “Caleb spirit”!  Those who will stand for the Lord and not fold to popular opinion.  Those who refuse to be politically correct by compromising God’s holy standards. Those who aren’t concerned about man’s approval or about being popular with others, but are only concerned with bringing glory to God.

Those with a “Caleb Spirit” have a firm grasp of the Bible, which has led to an deep, intimate relationship with God. They have a tenacious faith and an unshakable trust in Him. Oh, they’re not perfect or super saints, but they are sold out to Jesus, surrendered to Him and have chosen to be His bond slaves.

As we look at our current culture, we need followers of Jesus who have a “Caleb Spirit’ now more than ever. We are sliding into the abyss of immorality at the speed of light. Biblical Christianity is mocked and is being ousted from the fabric of society. Churches have compromised holiness, solid theology, and, discipleship for what is easy, expedient, and popular. And the results are evident – a world in confusion, chaos, and turmoil.

Will you be a Caleb in our culture? A voice that is strong, clear, and fearless for Jesus? Will you draw a line in the sand and make a covenant with God that you refuse to compromise the truth? Caleb’s life challenges us all to be more concerned with God’s glory and His approval than with our popularity and the world’s approval.  Caleb stood up to the popular opinion of the day and would not back down, even if it meant being stoned to death. Will you be like him, being fearless for the truth no matter what?