Monthly Archives: September 2011


     America seems to be on the precipice of judgement. We are turning our backs on the biblical principles that we were founded on and have embraced a life style that is diametrically opposed to God’s standard of holiness..
     We have slaughtered over fifty million human beings in their mother’s wombs and justify it as a women’s right to choose. We are now doing the same heinous crime of fetal murder to frozen embryos under the guise of scientific advancement for medical cures. We are redefining God’s standard for marriage – a life long covenant between one man and one woman – and calling it progressive thinking and tolerance. The filth of pornography invades every avenue of media. Marriage and family structures are in shambles. We no longer hold honesty, humility, and integrity as attributes to be desired. And we’ve replaced God with “self”, and worship at our thrones of pleasure and self centeredness.
     And the church, which is the most powerful entity on the planet because of the indwelling Holy Spirit, is powerless to stop this onslaught. Why? Because we have forsaken our First Love and have lusted after the world and pursued its ways. Instead of falling on our faces in humility and crying out to God in repentance for our own sins and the sins of our nation, we, the church, are busy being “emergent”, thinking “outside the box”, and trying to be “cool” so the world will like us. Instead of deep, passionate followers of Jesus, we have become shallow, lukewarm, and passionless. .
     We need revival! And it must start in the church of Jesus Christ. Only a revived church can become the beacon of light that will lead people out of the darkness of evil that has engulfed our nation and into the light of truth that is only found in Jesus. He is our only hope. 
     There have been three such times of revival in America’s history – the First Great Awakening  from 1734 to 1760, the Second Great Awakening from 1790 to 1840, and the Great Prayer Revival from 1857 to 1858. God has done it before, not only in America but in many places around the world, and He can do it again. However, we must understand that while revival is a sovereign act of God, prayer is the key.  All the great revivals in the past have been birthed in prayer. 
     It’s time for the church, the bride of Christ, to awaken from its slumber and indifference, return to its First Love, and cry out to God in the words of Isaiah 64:1: “Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down…”. It will take humility, deep repentance, brokenness, transparency, and total surrender to Him, but it is the only way. A broken, humble heart is the heart God revives. And it must start with me. It’s so easy to see the need for revival in others, but it has to start in my heart, and yours. Our comparison is not with others, it is with the biblical holiness God has set as the standard for His people. And, my friends, we all fall short of that. Indeed, revival must start in each heart of God’s people, beginning with me.
     What would a revived church look like? A revived church would be filled with followers of Jesus who have a passion for Him, who are hungry and thirsty to know Him deeper through His word, who are fervent prayer warriors, who worship Him genuinely from the heart, who crave holiness, who are on the journey of absolute surrender to Him, who are sold out bond slaves to Him, whose love for Him compels them to share the gospel with others, and whose main goal in life is to see Him high and lifted up. A revived church, a church blazing with the power of the Holy Spirit, could be used by God to transform our culture from the inside out. As has been recorded in revivals of the past, when God visits the church in revival, the impact of the church on society is enormous – people get saved, crime goes down, fractured marriages are made whole, strained relationships are restored, social injustices are made right, and vices are stopped immediately. In short, the miraculous happens. When our focus is on the Person of revival (Jesus), then the results of revival will follow.  
     God has done it before, and He can do it again. Is there still hope for America? I believe there is, but only in a powerful move of God in revival. Will you join me in crying out to God “Lord, rend the heavens and come down, ONE MORE TIME!!!!