Monthly Archives: September 2012


So many Christians say they want more of God in their lives. However, this is incorrect thinking. Why? Because when we repented of our sins and trusted in Jesus as Savior, we got all of Him – not half, not three quarters, not ninety-nine percent. The Holy Spirit indwelt us and now we walk this planet with God the Holy Spirit residing in us. No, we don’t need to get more of God, what we need is to give God more of us. That’s what is missing in the lives of most Christians, the surrender of ourselves to Him. You see, if we want to live in intimacy with Him and in the daily reality of His presence, we have to give Him more of ourselves, and more of ourselves, and more of ourselves, until we give Him ALL of ourselves.

Many say “Yes, this is what I want”. But, unfortunately, they don’t want it bad enough. They don’t discipline themselves to do what is necessary to live in this reality, and they fight surrendering themselves totally to Him.

For example, many believers want to know the Bible and grasp a firm understanding of God and His ways, but not bad enough. Their Bibles sit on their night stands, basically unread. Additionally, busyness and indifference keep them from Bible study, Sunday school, and the worship service.  The result? They go through life as shallow Christians, ignorant of God’s Word, which leads to a shallow, lukewarm relationship with Him.  

Also, most believers want to have a powerful prayer life, but not bad enough. Days go by with just a few, if any, quick “Facebook type” prayers rushed as we barrel like out of control freight trains through life. Prayer is the most important spiritual discipline we exercise because it is the key that unlocks intimacy with God, and it is the determining factor for everything we do in life, from ministry to our personal lives. Sadly, prayer meetings are so sparsely attended one would think that Christians don’t believe in prayer. God isn’t impressed with our Facebook prayers – those that are rushed, mechanical, and passionless. God wants us to spend time with Him, and He waits for us to stop for a little while each day and talk to Him. He waits for us…and waits,,,and waits. And we don’t show up. How would you feel if the one you love didn’t make time to talk to you? That’s exactly how God feels. Again, we want to have a dynamic prayer life, but not bad enough to take the steps necessary to have one.

Finally, virtually all followers of Jesus would agree that our country is headed in the wrong direction morally and spiritually, and that we desperately want to see a powerful move of God in revival. But not bad enough. We look out “there”, and say that “they” need revival while being blind to the fact that each one of us needs revival too. We want the goodies of revival – full churches, powerful worship, anointed preaching, passionate prayer, many being saved, society transformed – but we don’t want to pay the price that is necessary for revival to come. Revival is painful, as we must search our own hearts and come to grips with our own sin, humbly fall on our faces before our Holy God, and repent. We must become transparent and real, and surrender our lives to Him. We must be willing to forsake anything, absolutely anything, that is not honoring to Him. Revival comes with much prayer, authentic humility, much discomfort as we wrestle with God over those thing in our lives that must go, and with deep repentance. Alas, how many Christians are really serious about revival? We want it, but not bad enough.

My friends, you and I must ask ourselves this question – a profound question that will reveal the true condition of our hearts – do I want intimacy with God and His manifest presence in my life so much that I will clear a certain time slot on my calendar every day to spend time with Him in prayer and in His Word? Do I want revival bad enough that I will fervently pray for it, and ask God to start the revival with me – that He will convict me of those things in my life that He disapproves of? Do I want revival bad enough to respond in deep repentance, absolute surrender, and do radical surgery to get rid of anything He asks me to?

What is missing in most Christian’s lives is a deep hunger for, and a passionate pursuit of intimacy with our incredible God. In this crazy, fast-paced, high tech world we live in we get too distracted by “other things”, even if these “other things” are not bad in and of themselves. We too often choose the lesser, even the good,  instead of the best. And we miss out on the reality for which we were created – to enjoy a deep intimate relationship with God and to be used by Him for His glory.

Do you and I want the best? Will we give more of ourselves to God until we give Him all of us? Are we willing to whatever it takes to have this become a reality in our lives? Do you and I want Him bad enough?