Monthly Archives: January 2019


Father God,

We enter this new year in serious trouble. Our country has lost its way and is sliding at lightning speed into the abyss.¬†We’ve turned our backs on You, and the evidence is everywhere. We continue to slaughter babies in their mother’s wombs by the millions. Your design for sexuality has been totally discarded and its perversion is rampant – premarital sex, adultery, homosexuality, polyamory, and every other type of perverted behavior that is now called “normal”. Marriage can now be defined as whatever we want it to be. Gender is now determined by our own sinful whims instead of how You created us. Your absolute moral truth has been replaced by relativism and situational ethics. Racism, anger, and hatred define our society. Many facets of our culture have given in to political correctness instead of standing up for what is right. Greed, selfishness, and entitlement have become the prevailing mindset of our culture. We have become slaves to technology, which has actually alienated people from one another and forced us to look down at a little device in our hand instead of looking up to our Creator and out to others. Lord, we’re in trouble!

Have we finally exhausted the limits of your patience and crossed the line into certain judgment? Is it too late for America?

Father, only You know the answer to this, but would You raise a remnant of your people to cry out to you for revival in this new year. We need a Third Great Awakening! You are our only hope. We need a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in a heaven sent revival, and it must start in Your church. Father, Your bride, the church, has lost her purity and has gone after other lovers. We are to blame for many of the evils that exist in our culture because the church is the most powerful entity on the planet because we have the indwelling Holy Spirit who empowers us to do your will, and yet we have become impotent to impact the culture. On the contrary, the culture has impacted your church and we have become just like it.

The church, Your bride, has become like the Laodicean church, thinking we’re just fine when we are actually lukewarm, and wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked. We have become like the church in Sardis, thinking we are alive when we are actually dead. We have become like the churches in Pergamum and Thyatira, which compromised truth and tolerated sin. We have become the Ephesian church which had lost its first love.

We have become pragmatic instead of prayerful, entertained instead of worshipful, cool instead of holy, relevant instead of reverent, spineless instead of bold, wishy-washy instead of passionate, compromised instead of radical, and comfortable instead of convicted.

We, your bride, need to repent of our own sin and fall on our faces before You in humility, acknowledging our own sin because the most grievous sin is not “out there”, it is within the walls of the church. Break us of our lukewarmness, pride, compromise, and laziness.

Oh Father, break us of “self”.

The revival must start in the hearts of Your people, who will then be able to go out and impact the world for Jesus. It is only through a revived church that is totally sold out to You that the hearts of our nation will be transformed and our nation healed. Convict us, Lord, and may we respond to You. This is our only hope.

May 2019 be the year where we get serious, get transparent before You, acknowledge our own sin, and seek Your face for mercy and revival. Have we crossed the line? Is too late? We don’t know, so we repent and cry out to You in this new year. Oh Sovereign Lord, rend the heavens and come down, one more time.

And may the revival start with me.