As we see the moral decay of our country worsen, it’s easy to just shake our heads , point our fingers at the “world”, complain how evil “they” are, and then retreat into our smug little “Christian hamlets” . However, we, the church, must look at ourselves to see if we are part of the problem.

The church, in the power of the Holy Spirit, must impact our culture with the truth of Jesus. Yet, the church has become powerless and has become like a chameleon, taking on the ways of the world. The world has impacted the church instead of vice versa, and the results are disastrous.

But, what if the church caught fire for Jesus. What if …

  • Every born again believer in Jesus desired holiness instead of happiness?
  • The Bible was held as the true Word of God, and was read and obeyed daily?
  • Attendance at prayer meetings was larger than the attendance at performances by Christian music artists and comedians?
  • Sin was still called by its biblical name:  sin?
  • Christians would weep over their sin because it grieves their holy loving God, not because they got caught or because of the consequences they will have to live with?
  • The uncompromised Word of God was passionately preached from the pulpits across America instead of the wishy-washy feel good stories that are whimpered from so many pulpits today?
  • Preachers spent most of their sermon preparation time down on their knees before the Lord instead of downloading information before their computer?
  • Sermons were preached for God’s approval instead of man’s?
  • Instead of watching the clock during the sermon, people in the congregation would be earnestly listening to see what the Lord was telling them through it?
  • Bible studies were filled with people who were hungry for the Word of God?
  • The purpose of our worship services was  to focus all are attention on God rather then ourselves?
  • Christians came to church to worship instead of to be entertained?
  • We were led in worship by the Holy Spirit instead of modern technology?
  • Christians couldn’t wait to go  to church?
  • Instead of going on retreats to “get away” from the busyness of our worldly pursuits, Christians would go on advances for the kingdom of God?
  • Christians actually fell in love with Jesus?       
  • Christians were as passionate about Jesus as they were about sports, hobbies, and the stock market?
  • Christians would surrender their lives in brokenness to Jesus Christ?
What would happen? Revival in our land? Mind boggling isn’t it?  What if?