The church today has a desperate need. It’s not for more individuals with PhD’s or ThD’s. It’s not for more talented singers and musicians. It’s not or more eloquent speakers. Nor is it for more people with dynamic, charismatic personalities (those that possess the proverbial “it” factor). I believe what the church needs now more than ever is deep Christians. Followers of Jesus that leave the safety of shallow, superficial Christianity and risk it all to plunge into the depths of discipleship. Those who are not satisfied with a safe, predictable, status quo relationship with Jesus and dare to launch out to know Him as well as a human being can know Him in this life.

What is a deep Christian? Deep Christians are those who really understand the cross and have a solid theological foundation in which to anchor their relationship with God on. Deep Christians understand their total unworthiness and God’s mind boggling grace, Deep Christians have a profound sense of humility, understanding what they were and yet understanding their present position as a child of the living God only because of His incredible grace.

Deep Christians come to God in spiritual brokenness and are totally dependent on Him in every aspect of life. They die to self and surrender to Him completely, knowing that the only reason for their existence is to bring Him glory. And this brokenness, surrender, and dying to self is with gladness and joy. They don’t care what anyone thinks about them, they only care what God knows about them. Deep Christians hunger and thirst for holiness, and hunger and thirst to know Jesus more. They bear fruit for God’s kingdom, and desire that He, and only He, gets the glory.

Deep Christians are definitely not spiritually weird in that they have their heads so far in the clouds that they can’t relate to others, or are smug and obnoxious Bible thumpers who act superior to others. Nor are they perfect super saints who have “arrived”. They just live their lives in the power of the Holy Spirit and and emanate the sweet aroma of Jesus wherever they go, even if they are hated by others, criticized, or laughed at.

Deep Christians know Jesus intellectually, pursue Him relentlessly, approach Him reverently, love him intimately, follow Him unconditionally, worship Him passionately, stand up for Him unashamedly, serve Him excellently, and enjoy Him gladly. 

Are you a deep Christian? My friend, don’t settle for shallowness and superficiality. Don’t be like so many Christians who are an inch deep and a mile wide. Leave the safety and predictability of the shallows and dare to plunge deeply into our incredible God. He wants you to. Dive deep, you’ll never regret it.

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  1. Homer Les


    When we throw our lives onto Jesus, giving up all to follow Him, we will look strange to the world. Yes we wear the same clothes go to the same stores, walk the same streets but yet there is a difference between those that merely speak the Word of God and those that live the Word of God. When we listen to His still small voice and follow in trusting obedience He will lead us on the ancient path of faith. Where does that path lead? Directly into deeper intimacy with Jesus. It is in this place we find ‘deep Christians’, ones who have no other life than Jesus. He is not just their Savior, but a trusted friend, One that we cannot do without.

    Such is the plight of a deep Christian that they are so immersed in Jesus that He becomes a part of them. This is the difference the world sees. This is why they call them strange; different; weird. But to those of us who have traveled the dark, dusty roads of faith and have had no choice but to trust Jesus for life itself the world is strange, different and weird.

    Yes. We need deep Christians. We need brothers and sisters who have given up all to walk with God. For these will the be bright shining stars that will point others to Jesus. Holy Spirit, may it be so!

    Thank you for reminding us all of this truth.

    Homer Les


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