Our country is now in control of a party whose platform has no room for God or His moral absolutes. In fact, it is actually anti-God. Many Christians are alarmed at the election results and are deeply concerned about losing religious freedom and the potential of immoral laws being passed. Additionally, many Christians are devastated that their hero, Donald Trump, will no longer be their protector in Washington. To be sure, President Trump was a force for Christian values – appointing pro-life judges and standing up for the rights of the church by affirming our religious freedom, for example. But, I wonder, is it really such a bad thing that the election went the way it did? Too many Christians held President Trump as their champion in the midst of an immoral society and as God’s chosen man to bring the United States back to Himself. Unfortunately, our hope was placed in a flawed human being instead of God. Now we have no one in Washington who will defend Christianity. Perhaps we Christians will finally come to realize that a politician or political party aren’t the answer to the darkness that envelops our nation. Perhaps now we will finally realize that God is Sovereign over the rise and fall of nations, and He is the only one who can save us from the mess we find ourselves in. America is at the point where human intervention is useless. As a nation, we have been so brazen in our rebellion against God that nothing less than a sweeping move of God in revival will save us. Perhaps we, the church will finally, finally, finally fall on our faces before our holy, righteous God in repentance for our own sins, the sins of His church, and the sins of our nation and cry out to Him for mercy and revival. Perhaps now the church will finally get serious about prayer with a sense of urgency because America is on the threshold of judgment. Perhaps now we will tear down our idols that we have built in the form of a politician and political party and put our hope in God alone. Perhaps, now, God might send revival.


  1. Jim

    I guess I could agree with all you say except for all the babies that will be killed as a result of what is being decided in Washington today and tomorrow and the next week and year. And my tax dollars will now pay for it. I can’t see that as a good thing; it’s horrific and tragic.
    But then maybe we the church are responsible for abortion having the hold it has in law and in desperate women’s minds.
    The OT shows that as the people go, so goes the leader. But it also shows the opposite is also true. If this indeed the case, the we as a nation are doomed to live out a long suicide.
    I pray, as Nebuchadnezzar was humbled and finally acknowledged God as Sovereign, that the current leadership will be humbled before Almighty God. And that includes the previous president.

    1. uncompromisedchristianity Post author

      Tragically, abortion would still have been legal even if Trump would have won. Our legislators are spineless when it comes to creating a bill to criminalize it. The only thing that will stop the biggest black mark in the history of the United States – abortion – is for the hearts of the people of this nation to be transformed by Jesus Christ.

  2. Concerned Christian

    How can you claim that Trump was a force for Christian Values when he publicly refused to denounce racist organizations? I understand your point regarding Pro-Life judges and religious freedoms. Please refrain from promoting Trump as a Christian. He did some things that support Christian views, but also supported some terribly racist practices within America.

    1. uncompromisedchristianity Post author

      Thanks for your comment. If you read the blog again, I never said that Trump was a Christian. I simply said that Christians saw him as a champion who would stand up for their rights.


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